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Because of the structure of granite, it is never quarried by blasting because this would shatter the granite. Two methods; Drilling and Jet Piercing, are used to cutQuarrying the granite out of the quarry. In Drilling, vertical holes are drilled about one inch apart to the desired depth (up to 20 feet), and the granite remaining between the holes is later removed by secondary drilling.

In Jet Piercing, a high-velocity 4,000 degree flame like a blow torch is directed at the granite to be removed, causing a continuous flaking action. As the flame nozzle is moved back and forth, a deep channel is created in the granite. Granite is much like wood because it has a grain. In one direction granite can be split, but in the other direction it must be cut.


SawingMost granite blocks taken from the quarries are cut into slabs of varying widths by modern circular saws with industrial diamond tips. The high-speed, automatic computer-operated saws have greatly increased the production capacity of Adams North Barre Granite.



Slabs of granite are polished by special machines that use either large metal discs or abrasive bricks made from silicon carbide. The polishing process produces a sparkling gloss and a finish as smooth as glass.


SandblastingBeautiful designs and names can be sandblasted on the granite. A flat sheet of rubber is first placed on top of the granite, and the design is then cut out of the rubber. Fine particles of abrasive are then blown by air pressure against the monument. The abrasive cuts away the granite not protected by the rubber. The rubber is removed, leaving a beautiful design in the monument. This is called sandblast carving.


Skilled carvers and sculptors from Italy, Spain and other European countries have come to the Barre Granite industry. Cutting granite is done with sharp chisels powered by compressed air. A carver can cut flowers, names and many beautiful designs in granite. A sculptor can create full figures out of granite. A sculptor may take weeks or months to finish an elaborate statue or large memorial. Years of dedication are required for a sculptor to become a true artist in granite.


Etching is a process using either a vibrating hand held etching toolEtching – much like a wood-burning tool only with a diamond tip, or a computerized laser etching machine. This process removes the polished surface of the stone leaving a very fine line and very detailed drawing.

Hand etching is a specialized skill and a true artist will capture the twinkle in the eye of a portrait and the soul of your loved one.

Laser etching scans an actual photograph into a computer program, then it laser etches an exact duplicate into the polish.

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