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The choice of cremation is a very personal decision. Grief experts tell us of the importance of establishing a permanent memorial regardless of disposition. Psychologists agree that those left behind after the loss of a friend or loved one need a place to visit – to reflect and to remember.

Memorializing is difficult for those who choose to scatter. In this case it is especially important as part of the grieving process that survivors establish a permanent memorial.

Cremation monuments are a popular choice for traditional memorialization. Many memorial designs are available that provide space for cremated remains in individual niches. It is also possible to place cremated remains in the base portion of a traditional cemetery monument.

Memorial BenchThere are many non-traditional ways to memorialize. A memorial bench, vase or plaque can be placed in a location that will be meaningful to the deceased or survivors. Some popular choices are: the family garden, golf course, hiking trail or even on the beach.Memorial Sundial

A traditional or non-traditional memorial in a beautiful surrounding is a visual symbol that perpetuates cherished memories.

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